Welcome to the guild for those seeking to learn game development or just modding of existing games.

    I have wanted to do something like this for a very long time now and simply put I feel some preassure to get it going as soon as possible due to various things going on in my life. So though this may be kind of rushed out I just want everyone to know that I hold nothing but hope that this site will grow and become a useful resource for any gamers who have ideas of modding or creating games from the ground up etc. I intend on offering a links page for various aspects of game development including modding and tools used for such things. I would also be willing to host programs made by people to help others in various parts of game development or modding. I also intend on having a forum specifically for this site where ideas and suggestions for all sorts of things can take place however this forums will be STRICTLY monitored and HEAVILY moderated to insure that gamers ALWAYS feel welcomed to post their ideas and opinions without fear of retribution or insult of others for what they post.

    This is to say that opinions and ideas are very welcomed but NO tollerance for insults will be allowed in ANY WAY towards other gamers, modders, or companies. I am hopeful that game companies like Bethesda and others will feel just as welcome to post and comment or offer suggestions to those who seek them etc and so all game company employees and the companies they represent should never be insulted in any way. By holding all members to this highest level of respect to each other and companies I am hopeful that the site will grow in both usefulness and strength in the gaming community to bring about something that right now simply does not seem exist. Maybe it never will, but if companies and future game designers can all meet with respect in the same area as many of the game players and modders... who knows what it could truly bring to the world of gaming. I do not expect trade secrets to be revealed and no one should. BUT ideas and suggestions and experiences had could definitely be shared and who knows what that could mean to a group of folks just throwing their personal towel in the ring of the gaming world.

I hope you will bear with me during the development of this portion of Rethan-Manor.net it may be some time before the GUILD is fully set in place as I see it in my minds eye and I hope to get all the features and functions of it in place before I take my unwanted leave should it come to that. At any rate I hold great hope for this portion of Rethan-Manor.net to be the most useful long term bennifit to the gaming community that I can make so it is something I just have to get started with at least and then simply hope for the very best. So here is the intro page and in the weeks to come I hope to fill out the links below with the various features I have in mind.

All the best to everyone.








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